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Next gen Image guided surgeries using AR, Machine Vision and AI

We have developed Augmented Reality Applications for Patient Engagement and Education, Pre Operative Planning, Surgical Simulator and Image Guided Surgeries

Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement and Education is one of the key areas that helps Healthcare institutions increase the value to the patients. To help a patient visualise the diagnosis and the procedure comes a long way in increasing the outcome of the procedure. The most prevalent tech available today is 3D printing the patient organ. However 3D printing with its advancements is still slow, not environmental friendly and has OPEX implications on the organisation. AR presents a more Immersive and Efficient solution to this challenge.

Surgical Simulator

The Operating room is space constrained and often the junior surgeons do not have the space to be next to the surgeon to understand the nuances of a procedure. Moreover there are no dry runs before a procedure to probably understand the risks of a procedure. Extending our expertise on Image processing and AR we extend the application to surgical simulator that can be used by students and junior surgeons to understand the nuances of procedure like the target approach, procedure complication and the muscle memory linked to procedure through tactile feedback.

AR based Pre Operative Planning

Pre Op Planning

Our Patent Pending AR based pre operative planning suite enables interventional procedures to be performed with efficacy and minimal invasion thus reducing the discomfort to patients.

Interventional procedures like extracting spinal fluid, Organ targeted Injection procedures can be performed with minimal invasion and better accuracy without assitance from big image guided surgical devices that are used in the Operating Room.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality offers a clear field of view to the user with the Heads up Display enabling them to interact with the virtual world and simultaneously visualise the real world. This superimposition is what helps in efficient interventions.

Plug n Play
Gesture & Voice controls
High Frame rate


Our patent pending technology uses markers to automate the registration process to then superimpose the virtual world on to the patient on the operating table. The registration accuracy is +/- 1.5 to 2 mm.

Automatic Registration
Reusable markers


The Pre Operative planing suite comes with a laptop that is used for planning the intervention and our proprietary technology then pushes the plan to the Microsoft Hololens. It is one time CAPEX and no recurring cloud based costs.

Target segmentation
Trajectory Planning
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