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Next gen Image guided surgeries using AR, Machine Vision and AI


Advanced surgical planning application enabling surgeons to plan the procedure and engage their team in Risk analysis before the start of the procedure.

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Orthogonal Planning
Volume Rendering
Trajectory Planning
Image Fusion


Personalise the plan by using AI to automatically segment the organ anatomy to aid during Image guided application.

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Clinically Accurate
Radiology Compatible
Hardware Independent
Lightning Fast


Augmented Reality based Real Time Surgical Navigation System used in Image guided surgeries, renders pixel perfect 3D organs with sub millimetre registration accuracy.
Regulatory Clearance pending

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Automatic Registration
3-Dimension View
Multi Speciality
Realtime Planning

The Star Team

Core Team


1. of or connected with the eyes or vision.


1. another term for eyepiece.
Be it a Surgeon or a Radiologist what their eyes can see helps determine the outcome of the case.

At TriOucla we are leveraging latest technologies to enable healthcare professionals see what could not be seen with their naked eyes, and hence becoming their third critical eye.
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