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Next gen Image guided surgeries using AR, Machine Vision and AI

3D Rendering, Image Fusion and Segmentation, Trajectory Planning features are all not available in single application. This complexity enables limited adoption of Surgical Planning software.

Spectre encompasses all the above tools in a single application making it easier to adopt, use and apply. Support and upgrades are included at no additional cost while under contract.

Simple UX

All the work from loading images, Fusion, Segmentation and Planning can be done on a single screen. In the entire planning process tools are available from a click on the right side panel.

Lightning Fast
PACS Independent
Radiology Compatible

Advanced Tools

Fully automated with advanced Image processing tools that allow visualisation and planning on 3D volume, Automatic Image fusion between 2 different modalities, All delivered at lighting speed with high accuracy.

3D Recon
Image Fusion
Trajectory Planning


Native App available for MACOS, Windows and Linux distributions. Spectre is also available on the Cloud for tele planning and consultation on procedures prior to surgery.

HIPAA Compliant
Subscription model
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