See the Unseen
Triocula Technologies is leading the research in Clinical Tech. We design Hardware and Software for complex clinical challenges. Our Focus is on bringing a change inside the Operating Room with Surgical Navigation hardware and software that not only works on traditional Desktops / Laptops but also on Mixed Reality devices like Holo and Oculus. Our Star team has also developed proprietary AI network for Medical Image segmentation and are currently prototyping next generation Surgical Robots.

Spectre Is

Navigation Suite
Multi Dimension Planning

Spectre is the most accurate and simple cross platform surgical planning application. Sub Millimetre accuracy, Segmentation, 3D reconstruction, Volume rendering, Fusion, Multi-Speciality for the most accurate surgical plan.

Our Lab

AI and Robotics
Segmentation using DNN and Robotic surgery

We have a fully connected Deep Neural Network (DNN) that performs segmentation of the Lung and the nodules with an accuracy of 99%. The DNN can be trained for Brain segmentation and other organs as well.